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The Jefferson Symphony Orchestra


The Experience

“I am so grateful to have had the opportunity to come to Colorado and play for the judges, audience and my peers. It is sometimes very hard as a young musician to find rewarding venues to play for. Here, the music is obviously treasured by the listeners and participants alike. Thank you for giving me this opportunity. I could not have hoped for a better weekend.”

– Finalist

“The finalists are all winners! It was a very exciting event to judge. It was revitalizing to be able to listen to such high quality performances, which reflect the musicians’ dedication to their art. It made me want to go home and practice!”

– Judge

The Jefferson Symphony Orchestra

Young Artists Music Competition History: Judges

View By Name

Doris Lehnert Keyboard
Theodor Lichtmann Keyboard
Peggy Lyon Keyboard
George Banks Instrumental
William Hill Instrumental
Bil Jackson Instrumental
Nick Busheff Keyboard
Susan Cable Keyboard
Keith Wallingford Keyboard
Don Ambler Instrumental
F. Joseph Docksey Instrumental
Millie Stubblefield Instrumental
Larry Graham Keyboard
Doris Lehnert Keyboard
William Morse Keyboard
Tom Blomster Instrumental
David Brussel Instrumental
Harold Wippler Instrumental
James Duncan Keyboard
Janet Landreth Keyboard
Alice Rybak Keyboard
Chad Cognata Instrumental
Gerald Endsley Instrumental
Elizabeth Nelms Instrumental
Larry Overton Instrumental
Bonnie Gritton Keyboard
Theodor Lichtmann Keyboard
Robert Spillman Keyboard
James McWhorter Instrumental
Michael Miller Instrumental
William Runyan Instrumental
Theresa Bogard Keyboard
James Duncan Keyboard
Zoe Erisman Keyboard
Buddy Baker Instrumental
Ramon Kireilis Instrumental
Ben Sayevich Instrumental
Donna Bogard Keyboard
Frank Cedrone Keyboard
Deborah Schmidt-Lobis Keyboard
Chad Cognata Instrumental
Ken Singleton Instrumental
Sherry Sinift Instrumental
Francisco Aybar Keyboard
Theodor Lichtmann Keyboard
Daniel Sher Keyboard
Stephen Goacher Instrumental
Daniel Kuehn Instrumental
Barbara Thiem Instrumental
Errol Haun Keyboard
Karen Kappler Keyboard
Lisa Martin Instrumental
Richard Slavich Instrumental
Michael Thornton Instrumental
Michael Baron Keyboard
J. Michael Beck Keyboard
Christelle Menth Keyboard
Gregory Dufford Instrumental
Patrick Tillery Instrumental
Basil Vendryes Instrumental
Kasandra Keeling Keyboard
Charlotte Mills Keyboard
Lori Sims Keyboard
Julie Duncan Thornton Instrumental
Judith Glyde Instrumental
Jack Herrick Instrumental
Olga Dashevskaya Keyboard (Round 1)
Joan Garver Keyboard (Round 1)
Nanette Shannon Keyboard (Round 1)
Zoe Erisman Keyboard
Peggy Lyon Keyboard
Alice Rybak Keyboard
Don Ambler Instrumental (Round 1)
Anne Macy Instrumental (Round 1)
Paul Naslund Instrumental (Round 1)
Steve Hearn Instrumental
Yumi Hwang-Williams Instrumental
Alexa Still Instrumental
Andrew Cooperstock Keyboard (Round 1)
Crystal Lee Keyboard (Round 1)
Gina Pruitt Keyboard (Round 1)
Olga Dashevskaya Keyboard
Theodor Lichtmann Keyboard
Robert Spillman Keyboard

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